Invitation: Female workers in Culture VI – Radio Waves of Feminism

The sixth forum is dedicated to the issue of women’s contributions in the creation and preservation of extremely valuable documentary-dramatic radio programs and a rich audio archive. We will discuss radio as a medium of specific artistic creation, focusing on the artists, editors, and journalists who have diligently worked and created exceptional audio content for over seventy years, now preserved in a rich audio archive. As part of this month’s forum, we will present two notable women who will talk about various aspects of work and activities in radio. Participants in this forum will share their experiences of working on (feminist) radio waves, reveal some of the magic of radio, and point out ways in which radio could become a true public service for women and their fight against discrimination, gender-based violence, and the oblivion to which our society still consigns many Bosnian-Herzegovinian artists and cultural workers.


 Ines Bazdalić, journalist at BH Radio

 Selma Dizdar, editor of the Documentary-Dramatic Program at Radio FBiH

Moderators: Adisa Bašić and Ajla Demiragić

Venue: Gallery Manifesto, Despićeva 3

Time: June 24, 2024, at 6 PM.