Educational Programs

Education, programs, and syllabi aim to contextualize the social concept such as gender, connect it with specific areas of work and life, and deconstruct established and implicit patterns of thinking and acting in the higher education setting.


Research Work

When working on gender analysis and research in theory and everyday practice, modern methods will contribute to building knowledge in this field by reviewing existing implied concepts and proposing new understandings and solutions.



The Documentation Resource Archive is an online library of available publications, research, guides, collections, and other books from BiH, the region, and the world addressing gender, gender equality, women, and other relevant topics.


About Us

The University Gender Resource Centre (UNIGeRC) has been established at the Human Rights Centre of the University of Sarajevo as a body to coordinate activities in the fields of gender equality and combating gender-based violence, sexual harassment, and discrimination in higher education institutions, with the goal of improving work quality and ensuring the integrity of higher education.

The main goal of UNIGeRC is to make faculties a safe place for teaching staff, students, and everyone else who is a member of this community by incorporating gender equality into the higher education system on a large scale. UNIGeRC was also established with the goal of providing teaching staff, students, and administrative staff with up-to-date knowledge about various fields where awareness of the concept of gender is required to increase their knowledge and responsible action in their environment. We believe that the interdisciplinarity of knowledge about gender equality that UNIGeRC will provide through educational programs, develop through research work, and transmit through a rich library can help to prevent gender-based violence and discrimination in higher education institutions, and thus reduce it in society as a whole.