The Gender Equality Council of the University of Sarajevo held the Online Session

On Thursday, October 19, 2023, an online session of the Gender Equality Council of the University of Sarajevo was held.

The participants were: Prof. Dr Jasna Kovačević, Prof. Dr Zilka Spahić Šiljak, Prof. Dr Marija Lučić-Ćatić, Dr. Gaj Trifković, Prof. Dr Amila Ždralović, Miroslav Živanović, MSc., Prof. Dr Ajla Demiragić and Lamija Subašić.

The topics discussed regarded: the appointment of the Gender Equality Committee of the University of Sarajevo; a potential cooperation with the police forces for the reason of educating students about gender-based violence and femicide (including the potential engagement of experts from FKKSS, SIPA and FUP); inquiry submitted to the Council regarding the request for protection against gender discrimination; preparation of the new UNSA Gender Action Plan and preparation for the ‘16 Days of Activism’ Campaign.