The promotion of the novel “Heaven in Your Heart” by Leyla Karaç held in Mostar

In the National Library in Mostar on September 14, 2023. the promotion of the book by the writer, Leyla Karaça called “Heaven in your heart” and the panel discussion “Spaces for Women in Literature” was held. Panelists, prof. Merima Jašarević Ph.D. and Prof. Marić Irma Ph.D. analyzed the influence of global culture, which strongly affirms the anti-dialogue with ourselves.

Looking back at the author’s own literary experience, the panelists conclude that the path of women in literature is a path depicted as a path of sacrifice, violence, and non-adjustment to the canons of tradition and patriarchy.

The panelists concluded that the novel “Heaven in your heart” reminds precisely of the necessity of dialogue between individuals themselves, it points to the way to God, that is, God through oneself as a method for a better and higher quality life. This book provides “new” motives of spirituality – women as a guide through the path to God, which is rare or even impossible in the tradition of Bosnian literature (and religious culture).