Two-day training of UNIGEM university coordinators

Last Thursday and Friday, on the 30th and 31st of May, the TPO Foundation organized a two-day training and workshop session for UNIGEM coordinators from partner universities. This event, aimed at addressing critical issues within the academic environment, included a series of panels and discussions that provided significant insights and fostered collaboration among the participants.

The first day was dedicated to a training session titled “Preventing Sexual Harassment,” led by Edin Smajić PhD. The training began with a discussion on workplace dignity, followed by a detailed examination of the causes and consequences of sexual and gender-based harassment. Participants had the opportunity to analyze specific cases and discuss appropriate responses to sexual harassment. Smajić provided insights into the legal frameworks and real-world examples to illustrate these challenges.

On the second day, a meeting was held with all university representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, followed by two panel discussions. A special focus was placed on the panel “Transferring Good Practices,” which centered on legal support for university employees, modeled after successful assistance programs for journalists. This session was led by journalists Elma Kazagić and Arijana Helać Saračević. The event concluded with a panel discussion on gender and nationalism. The esteemed panelists included Nermina Mujagić, a professor from the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Sarajevo; Borka Rudić, a journalist; Aida Ćorović, a human rights activist; and Nadja Bobić, a professor from the University of Belgrade. This discussion provided valuable insights and encouraged dialogue among the participants, emphasizing the importance of mutual support and collective action against the pervasive challenges of gender discrimination.

The training organized through the UNIGEM project was crucial in equipping university coordinators with the necessary knowledge and tools to combat sexual harassment and provide adequate support to employees. By promoting dialogue and sharing best practices, the UNIGEM project continues to lead initiatives to create a safer and more dignified working environment within academic institutions.