16 days of activism: Activities of the University of Novi Sad (UNS)

The University of Novi Sad (UNS) celebrates the “16 Days of Activism for Gender Equality” campaign of the UNIGEM project in the period from 25.11. until 10.12.2022, and thus joins the global campaign that is celebrated in over 180 countries. Through interesting and educational events – workshops, panels, lectures, and promotions, UNS will contribute to raising the level of public awareness on the need for active engagement in the fight against gender-based violence.

Lecture on “Basic concepts and terms of gender studies – challenges of contextualization and localization” 29.11.2022. was held by Ph.D. Zorana Antonijević, research associate of the Centre for International Security at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, in the ceremonial hall of the Faculty of Philosophy.

The focus of the panel „Gender-based violence and femicide – responsibility and importance of the media”, planned for December 1st at 6:00 PM in the Rectorate of the UNS, will be a discussion about the media and ethical reporting on femicide and violence. The following will speak about gender-sensitive reporting, the consequences of unethical journalism on women, methods of reporting that motivate victims to report violence, and the position of female journalists dealing with these topics: Jovana Gligorijević, journalist, author of the show “Taboo” and one of the founders of the group “Female journalists against violence”, Jelena Višnjić, one of the founders and director of the feminist cultural centre “Befem”, Sanja Pavlović in front of the Autonomous Women’s Centre and member of the group “Female Journalists against violence”, and Marija Erdelji, photographer and member of the group “Female Journalists against violence”. The discussion will be moderated by journalist Tamara Srijemac.

Promotion of the book “The Position of Women in Prostitution in the Republic of Serbia” by Ph.D. Dragana Pejović will be organized at the UNS Rectorate on December 5, 2022, starting at 12:00 p.m. The discussion about the book will be done by: PhD. Gordana Stojaković, independent researcher, Darinka Provči, lawyer and Dragana Pejović, the author. This book problematizes the position of women engaged in prostitution in Serbia. The author investigates prostitution from a gender perspective because prostitution is considered as a female profession. Thus, it pays special attention to the causes that influence a woman to choose prostitution as a profession. By entering prostitution, a woman acquires the identity of a prostitute, which marks her life in all aspects. The author’s focus is on the legal aspect of the position of women in prostitution, which is regulated by law as an offense against public order and peace. The legal position of women in prostitution in Serbia is investigated in the light of the legal solutions, as well as through the treatment of members of the police and courts towards women engaged in prostitution.

The workshop “Men against violence against women” will be held on December 8th in the multimedia Hall of the UNS Rector’s Office, and the workshop will be led by Miloš Ćajić, from the organization “Don’t watch. React!” In the conversation about violence, we can often hear the phrase “I’m not like that” among men. This workshop wants to enable everyone who feels this way and who is “not like that” to join and show it in action, and in this way, through education, influence the change of social norms and create a society of equality without violence.

Admission to all events is free.