16 days of activism: Anthology “Gender and globalization” successfully promoted

In a bid to foster intellectual discourse on gender issues, an online promotion of the collaborative anthology titled “Gender and Globalization” took place on the 28th of November via the Zoom platform. The anthology, a result of the efforts of participants from the Winter School “Gender and Globalization” and their mentors, explores the complex relationship between gender dynamics and various aspects of society. The promotion, which started on November 28th at 6 pm, provided a virtual space for scholars and others interested in the topic to engage in thoughtful discussions on key themes explored within the anthology.

Distinguished professors, Prof. Ana-Marija Sikirić Simčić, PhD, from the University of Rijeka, and Prof. Nermina Mujagić, PhD, from the University of Sarajevo, served as reviewers and promoters of the anthology during the online event. Throughout the online promotion, these esteemed professors unveiled key themes from the anthology, shedding light on the nuanced and argumentative approach taken by the authors in their exploration of the impact of globalization on gender dynamics.

“Winter School participants demonstrated a commendable level of critical thinking, presenting well-argued perspectives on the complex interplay between gender and globalization, rejecting old ideas about globalization as a movement that necessarily brings only good,” noted Prof. Nermina Mujagić, PhD.

Prof. Ana-Marija Sikirić Simčić further emphasized the importance of such collaborative efforts in generating informed discussions on urgent social issues. “The anthology testifies to the intellectual strength of our students and the power of collective knowledge-sharing throughout our Balkan region. Additionally, this anthology provides us with a broader insight into the importance of informal education in raising awareness about gender discrimination because non-institutional education is precisely a place of freedom where young authors can express their views,” she added.

The anthology is available at the link