“Džemal Bijedić” University in Mostar and the TPO Foundation within the UNIGEM project, with the aim of marking the 16 days of activism campaign, in the period from December 5 to 7, 2023, realized several lectures, workshops and discussions with the aim of educating teaching and non-teaching staff, as well as male and female students on gender equality and gender-based violence.

The first in a series of lectures with a discussion was given by prof. Rebeka Kotlo, coordinator of the UNIGEM project for the University “Džemal Bijedić” in Mostar on the topic “Access to justice: free legal aid for victims of gender-based violence”. The lecture was held with the aim of improving knowledge and raising awareness about the importance and respect of gender equality, prevention and sanctioning of gender-based violence and perpetrators of violence, but also about the protection and realization of the rights of victims of gender-based violence with a special focus on access to justice, i.e. free legal aid.

The lecture with Radonica was held by M.Sc. Edisa Demić on the topic “Gender-based violence and femicide”. During the lecture, she talked about the experience of working with victims of gender-based violence, etymological and phenomenological considerations, attitudes about the use of the term femicide, the definition and forms of femicide, the legal regulation of violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, safe houses, examples from practice, and about the prevention of gender-based violence. .

The third lecture as part of the campaign was held by the rector of the University, prof. Alena Huseinbegović, on the topic “Gender equality, gender-based violence and compensation for victims of gender-based violence”. The focus of the lecture was on raising awareness and improving knowledge about the obligation and importance of respecting gender equality, the forms, causes, consequences and mechanisms of sanctioning gender-based violence. In addition, the rector prof. During the lecture, prof. Huseinbegović spoke about the legal framework and compensation procedures for victims of gender-based violence.

The final lecture with the workshop was held by prof. Merima Jašarević. The aim of the workshop was, through interactive dialogue, to enable female and male students to gain a deeper understanding of the self (properties) through the concepts of gender. The focus of the lecture was on raising awareness of socially constructed platforms (imposed mostly through the media and religion) that set the standard, that is, the framework of gender roles in society and culture.