Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek held a series of activities and thus marked the global global campaign “16 days of activism against gender based violence”.

On May 16, 2023. at the Faculty of Philosophy Osijek in the ceremonial hall 60 associate professor Ph.D. Anita Dremel from the Department of Sociology held an education for teachers entitled Gender-sensitive language and communication. The activity took place with the support of the UNIGEM project and as part of the work of the Osijek branch of the Croatian Sociological Society and the University Committee for Gender Equality. It discussed examples and advice from several different documents and highlighted the main principles that we can adhere to in an effort to eliminate discrimination from the way we use language.

On March 22, 2023, the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek was held. promotion of the book Violence against pregnant women in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Family, health system and work relations. The introductory speech was given by associate professor, Ph.D. Anita Dremel, and the author then held an hour-long lecture on the theoretical background and empirical findings of his doctoral research, which was published in this book. The promotion and lecture were attended by teachers and students from the University of Osijek, who started an interesting and lively discussion and became interested in their own work on this important topic, in the academic community, public policy makers, the health system and the work environment.

Commissions for gender equality of the University of Osijek and the Croatian Sociological Society Julijana Mladenovska Tešija held on 03/29/2023. at the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek, a lecture entitled Eva: deconstruction and reconstruction of the anthropology of women, which was moderated by associate professor, Ph.D. Anita Dremel. The perspectives of theology and philosophy in a feminist key interested colleagues and students. After the lecture, they watched the documentary DIVNE.

As part of the activities of the Committee for Gender Equality of the University of Osijek, an education for teachers was held on March 15, 2023. in the Hall of the UNIOS Rectorate. The topic of the education was Unconscious Bias, and it was held by Associate Professor, Ph.D. Anita Dremel. The training was attended by some members of the University of Osijek administration and colleagues from the constituent faculties (FAZOS, PTF, MEFOS, FFOS, FOOZOS, FTOR Požega, FERIT).