University of Donja Gorica, as part of the campaign “16 days of activism against gender-based violence – AGAINST FEMICIDE” presented the research “Social and institutional response to femicide in Montenegro” conducted by the organization SOS telephone for women and children victims of violence Nikšić. The organization also held a presentation on the significance of the Istanbul Convention. The workshop concluded with the message that every man, every woman, every boy and girl, every parent must learn that any kind of violence is not the right way to solve difficulties. Everyone must understand that violence against women and in the family is no longer tolerated.

On this occasion, the promotion of five books translated and published by the TPO Foundation was realized. The following books were promoted:

  • “Women and Religion” – Deborah f. Sawyer and John Sawyer,
  • “Women and Work” – Susan Ferguson,
  • “Feminism and Religion in the 21st Century” – Gina Messina-Dysert and Rosemary Radford Reuther,
  • “Decolonial feminism” – Francoise Verges i
  • “Ethics of care in an age of precarity” – Maurice Hamington and Michael Flower

Researchers from the CSO Prima Podgorica held a workshop on gender-based violence, healthy vs. toxic relationships to students and lecturers of UDG.

Also, UDG organized a discussion on the topic “Fight against femicide in Montenegro”.

The discussion was held on December 5, 2023 and brought together representatives of civil society organizations, especially non-governmental organizations that have many years of experience in the fight against gender-based violence, as well as representatives of universities and competent institutions, primarily ministries and the police. The participants of the round table were: Aida Perović (CSO Prima Podgorica), Alisa Zerotić (Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare), Jovana Mijović (Ministry of Internal Affairs) and assistant. Nikoleta Đukanović, PhD (Faculty of Legal Sciences UDG).

See the summarized activities of the UDG as well as data on femicide in Montenegro HERE.