16 days of activism: University of Sarajevo (UNSA) professors against gender-based violence

The University of Sarajevo (UNSA) joins the implementation of the global campaign “16 Days of Activism”, which is celebrated every year from November 25th to December 10th. The motto of this year’s campaign of partner universities of the UNIGEM project is “Look, speak out against the violence”, which emphasizes the importance of public speaking about the presence of gender-based violence in the academic community. Accordingly, one of the first activities of UNSA as part of the Campaign is the creation of an informative video with university professors about the presence of gender-based violence and the importance of implementing gender policies.

Haruna Bandić, a 5th-year student at the Department of Comparative Literature and Information Sciences at FFUNSA, made this video in collaboration with professors from the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Philosophy, and the Faculty of Political Sciences of UNSA. It is especially important to point out that male interlocutors were selected in a targeted manner, which emphasizes that the phenomenon of gender-based violence is not only a female issue. The basic messages of this video work emphasize the need for sanctioning perpetrators of gender-based violence, introducing changes in dominant social paradigms, and the importance of including gender policies in the academic community as one of the ways in which universities can become places where a pluralistic way of thinking and the safety of students are cultivated.

We would like to thank the collaborators and participants of the video dr. Denis Berberović, prof. dr. to Ljiljan Veselinović, asst. to Jasmin Hasanović, asst. Matija Bošnjak and Prof. Dr. To Nerzuk Ćurak.