16 days of activism: Visits of students of the Faculty of Law to other members of the University of Bihać and secondary schools in the area of Bihać

As part of the “16 Days of Activism for Gender Equality” campaign, on December 5 and 6, 2022, students of the Faculty of Law of the University of Bihać (UNBI) visited the Faculty of Pedagogy and the Islamic Pedagogical Faculty of UNBI, as well as the Medical School of Bihać, PI Mixed Electrical and Woodworking High School, and Richmond Park International Primary School and College. The goal of the visit was an education about the importance of the problem of gender-based violence and gender inequality, as well as finding potential solutions for their prevention and the establishment of gender equality. The educational visits were organized by the UNBI Center for Gender Equality, as part of the UNIGEM regional project, in cooperation with the TPO Foundation, which implements the project in partnership with 19 universities from BiH and the region, including the University of Bihać, with the support of the United Kingdom Government. More than 100 students and teachers participated in the exchange.

On that occasion, students Neila Ružnić, Samra Dragušić, Lejla Rekić, Ibrahim Jusić, Meris Haskić, Faris Hasić, Adna Zirić, and Merisa Nesimović tried to bring closer and clarify the social problem of violence against women and gender inequality to other students and pupils, and to develop a discussion, as well as offer the answer to the questions which have been asked.

Among the key questions raised and debated were the following: what is violence against women, how does it manifest itself, what are the methods of keeping women in relationships where they suffer violence, how to protect women who do not report violence or how these cases of unreported violence can even be discovered if the victim does not report them.

Contractual policies at the UNBI Faculty of Pedagogy were presented and established, which protect all students, teaching and non-teaching staff from acts of violence, including special application procedures, which include anonymous ones, and a proposal was opened for cooperation between the Faculty of Pedagogy and the UNBI Faculty of Law regarding the said Policy.

The visits made it possible to realize the importance of the indicated social problem, make young people aware of it, and to have constructive discussions in order to find potential solutions.