Gender stereotypes-scientific and religious basis

Gender stereotypes affects lives of women and men to a large extent, and there is need to deconstruct them. TPO Foundation organized workshops on gender stereotypes at the University Gender Resource Center of the University of Sarajevo, for teaching staff and students from high schools in Sarajevo from June 5th to June 6th, 2024. The workshops were led by Dr. Jadranka Rebeka Anić as part of the UNIGEM project aimed at empowering educational institutions for gender equality. The workshops were attended by students from Treća gimnazija, Gimnazija obala, Srednja škola za tekstil i dizajn, and Medicinska škola, along with their teachers Alma Ahmethodžić, Đuldina Kurtović, and Lejla Karahodžić.

Throughout the workshops, participants had the opportunity to learn about the philosophical, natural scientific, and religious foundations of gender stereotypes that continue to shape the lives of women and men and hinder the achievement of full gender equality. From Aristotle, who spoke of women as incomplete and handicapped men, to scientific studies on the brain attempting to explain that women and men have different brains and therefore should pursue certain occupations.