On Wednesday, 28th March 2024, Education of Women Police Officers on Effective Internal and External Communication was Held as Part of the UNIGEM Project

On Wednesday, 28th February 2024, in cooperation of the TPO Foundation with the Women Police Officers Network, within the UNIGEM project, an educational activity was held, attended by women police officers from the Border Police, the Judicial Police, SIPA, the Directorate for the Coordination of Police Bodies of BiH and the Ministry of Interior of Zenica-Doboj Canton.

The teacher was Assistant Professor Dr. Medina Mujic, and the topics covered were:

1. Gender equality in police services, including subtopics:
– Understanding the gender-sensitive approach in police work,
– Implementation of gender-sensitive policies in police organizations and
– Recognition and prevention of discrimination, prejudice and mobbing in police services.
2. Internal and external communication, including subtopics:
– Efficiency of internal communication channels and
– Resolving conflicts and improving teamwork.
3. Public speaking and giving statements to the media in crisis situations of femicides and murders, including subtopics:
– Analysis of public appearances in the media in cases of femicides and murders and
– The importance of proper communication in crisis situations.

This education also included work in groups, which was related to the 2nd segment of the workshop titled ‘Internal and external communication’, i.e. the participants were divided into three groups and had tasks to find solutions to problems related to the efficiency of internal communication channels and resolving conflicts and improving teamwork.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank the Directorate for Investigations and Protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the use of its amphitheatre.