Panel Discussion “The Role and Position of Women in the Security Systems of BiH”

On March 28, 2024, a significant panel discussion took place at the Faculty of Criminology, Criminalistics, and Security of the University of Sarajevo. The event focused on the theme of the role and position of women in the security system of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was moderated by Professor Nerma Kibrić Halilović from the Faculty of Criminology and Security, and the panel brought together esteemed professionals who actively contribute to the country’s security landscape.

Among the esteemed panelists were Milica Blagojević, Officer for Civil-Military Cooperation of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Lejla Čopelj, Head of the Department for Combating Terrorism at the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Aida Hajdar, Senior Investigator at the Department for Blood, Sexual Offenses, and War Crimes of the Criminal Police Sector of the Sarajevo Canton Police Administration; and Kristina Jozić, Police Officer at the State Investigation and Protection Agency.

Throughout the panel discussion, participants shared insights into their career paths and the obstacles they encountered due to gender disparities. Their stories underscored the importance of addressing gender-based disparities within the security apparatus of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the broader social community. They emphasized the necessity of integrating diverse perspectives and skills within the security sector, highlighting the invaluable contribution that women bring. They stressed the need for greater representation of women in decision-making positions to foster a more inclusive and effective security environment.

This panel discussion served as a platform for significant dialogue and reflection on the challenges and opportunities facing women in the security system of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By amplifying the voices and experiences of female professionals, the event highlighted the imperative of promoting gender equality and empowering women to fully participate in shaping a secure Bosnia and Herzegovina.