The Regional Research on Discursive Justice – Gender Responsible Approaches to Justice in the Balkans Started

On Monday, June 5, 2023, the first (online) meeting with the researchers was held, what meant an official start of the regional research titled ‘Discursive Justice: Gender Responsive Approaches to Justice in the Balkans’
The research will be headed by the TPO Foundation from Sarajevo and the University Gender Resource Center (UNIGeRC) of the University of Sarajevo (UNSA), within the project named ‘University and Gender Mainstreaming (UNIGEM)’.
The research will deal with the analyses of criminal judgments for gender-based violence, especially sexual and family violence and femicide. The two key aspects that will be applied are legal and linguistic, and it is important to say that both mentioned aspects will be gender-sensitive and gender-responsive.
The expected result of this research is a publication in the form of a collection of individual contributions by authors that will provide analyzes of the criminal justice processing of cases of gender-based violence, grouped into the three mentioned categories.