The second online Socrates Café organized in honour of International Women’s Day Week.

On Monday, March 4, 2024, the second Socrates Café with founder Christopher Phillips was held on the topic, “What role must each of us play to reduce and eliminate gender inequality and violence against women and minorities?” The founder of the Socrates Café concept, Professor Dr. Christopher Phillips, moderated this conversation.

Students who participated in this dialogue provided their responses to the questions, “What would the world look like if only women were in all the leading positions?” and in what ways can we change ourselves and our environment to change awareness and eliminate violence at the local and global levels?

We remind everyone that anyone can participate in Socrates Cafés. Age, gender, education, religion, nationality, sexual orientation are not important because everyone can benefit from life experience and wisdom. Those who participate in Socrates Cafés share the feelings of the philosopher Socrates, which includes a passionate but fictional exchange of ideas. The workshop was conducted in English.

The moderator of the Socrates Cafés is Professor Christopher Phillips, who completed his master’s degree in humanities, with an emphasis on philosophy, at the University of California in 2000. He also holds a master’s degree in natural sciences from Delta State University. Phillips earned his Ph.D. in communications from Edith Cowan University in Australia. In 2012, he received the “Distinguished American Leadership Award.” He has also taught at New York University and the University of Pennsylvania. “Socrates Café” gatherings are held worldwide where people from different backgrounds come together and exchange philosophical perspectives based on their experiences, using a version of the Socratic method developed by founder Christopher Phillips. Today, there are hundreds of such gatherings coordinated by volunteers worldwide.

The next Socrates Café will be held in early April.

The recording of the second workshop is available for review: https://youtu.be/gbSVUC9oDWU