Third Workshop “Are You Afraid of Witches?”

On Monday, March 25th, the third workshop in the series titled “Are You Afraid of Witches?” was held, initiating a discussion on modern witchcraft. Led by Nidžara Ahmetašević, a journalist and researcher from Sarajevo, the workshop explored the concepts of modern witches and their connection to the heritage of witch persecution and political activism.

Throughout the workshop, Ahmetašević presented participants with the intriguing idea of modern witches intertwining their heritage with modernist political activism. Embracing their role as advocates for women’s freedom, these modern witches strive to combat various forms of contemporary witch hunts, including femicides, abortion bans, and other assaults on women’s rights.

The central theme of the discussion was the notion that modern witchcraft serves as a platform for advocating gender equality and challenging societal norms that perpetuate discrimination against women. By reclaiming the label “witch” and redefining its meaning in a contemporary context, participants explored how modern witches empower themselves and others in the fight against oppression and the promotion of social justice. Ahmetašević’s expertise and insights illuminated the multifaceted nature of modern witchcraft, shedding light on its historical roots while emphasizing its relevance in today’s world.

The workshop concluded with a call for sisterhood and solidarity, encouraging participants to continue exploring the connections between witchcraft, gender, and politics in their communities.