Two-Day Seminar: Gender Equality-Culture and Religion

Collaboration with representatives of municipal gender equality commissions, non-governmental organizations, and other institutions is another way in which UNIGEM project aim to empower important actors in the local community for gender equality. In the period from June 1-2, 2024, a two-day seminar was held in cooperation with the Heart and Soul Association from Lukavac, led by Dr. Jadranka Rebeka Anić and Prof. Dr. Zilka Spahić Šiljak.

Although there are gender equality commissions at the municipal and cantonal levels, their work is very limited, and members lack sufficient knowledge to initiate significant steps, especially in achieving zero tolerance for violence against women. During the seminar “Gender Equality – Culture and Religion,” participants had the opportunity to attend lectures and participate in workshops that discussed the intersection of gender, culture, and religion affecting gender equality. Special focus was on understanding the concepts of sex and gender, masculinity and femininity from both secular and religious perspectives.

To understand why patriarchal behavior patterns are still present in both family and society, it is important to deconstruct gender stereotypes that arise from philosophical heritage, are transferred to religious traditions, and then persist in various forms in secular institutions.

The conclusion of the seminar was to critically examine both secular and religious traditions and to find models of dialogical action towards achieving full gender equality.