The book “Challenges of integrating gender equality in the university community: Against gender-based violence” was promoted at the International Burch University (IBU) in Sarajevo and its promoters were Prof. Dr Ahmed El Sayed, Naida Misimović Čustović, MA, i Amer Kurtović, MA. 

Professors Dr Zilka Spahić Šiljak, Dr Jasna Kovačević and Dr Jasmina Husanović were the book editors. The book was published in four languages (Bosnian, Montenegrin, Croatian and Serbian), and the IBU’s promotion was the 18th promotion in total at the partner institution that participates in the UNIGEM project.

The IBU’s promotion gathered approximately 40 students and 10 teachers, who were also offered to participate in an interactive workshop in regard to the research’s findings. Namely, using Kahoot!, an online tool, the promoters first asked the attendees a series of questions about all thematic areas from the research and, after collecting the answers, they discussed why certain phenomena are present in society, i.e. at universities in BiH and the region. Using citations from interviews and statistical data collected within the research, the mentioned (deviant) phenomena were brought closer to those who were previously not aware of them. The event lasted an hour and 45 minutes, and at the request of a Sociology teacher, it was repeated the next day for the students as part of the lecture.

We would like to thank our project partner, the International Burch University, for all the previous cooperation, and especially for an innovative way of promoting results of the first research of a kind in BiH and the region. We hope the teaching staff and students of IBU will continue their research work in the field of gender studies.