“Unity Through Sport” Summer Camp Held

Summer volleyball camp MOVEMENT (Mountain volleyball, education and mentorship camp) – unification through sport was held in the period from 21st until 23rd of July at the EKO-FIS Vlašić site. After three days of intense sports socializing, games, education and conversation, the first summer volleyball camp in Vlašić for girls and boys attending volleyball clubs Travnik and Victor Novi Travnik, organized by the representative office of the non-governmental organization DTCare, was successfully finished.

During three days of socializing, the participants worked on improving communication, team spirit, but also sensitive topics such as peer pressure and personal safety in both the real and digital worlds. Special sessions were also organized for other fields of potential interest to girls such as medicine, science, engineering, astronomy, psychology, philosophy and security as a kind of choice for future studies or professions.

The project coordinator of the TPO Foundation, Ivana Kulić, gave the participants an interactive training on inclusiveness with a focus on the question ‘What is diversity and how does it enrich our society?’ The participants had the opportunity to reconsider their prejudices through artistic and educational methods and to provide potential solutions for the ubiquitous discrimination and violence in BiH society.

This is the first camp of this multidisciplinary nature that brought together mentors and volunteers both from BiH and the USA and represents the beginning of other similar camps to improve the quality of social interaction, reconciliation and understanding among young people in BiH.