Workshop on the implementation of GAP at the School of Science and Technology (SSST) in Sarajevo

Monitoring and evaluation of Gender Action Plans (GAP) at universities is extremely important in the gender mainstreaming of the university community, its culture, and its programs. In order to help partner universities of the UNIGEM project to monitor the implementation of their GAPs, the academic director of UNIGeRC, prof. Ph.D. Zilka Spahić Šiljak and prof. Ph.D. Jasna Kovačević held on 05.12.2022. a workshop with members of the Advisory Committee for Gender Equality of Sarajevo School Science and Technology (SSST).

This University is at the forefront of its gender equality policies and, through the gender mainstreaming of knowledge, strives to include gender equality as a pervasive principle in all areas. This is especially important and a challenge in the STEM fields, where all over the world more and more efforts are being made in order to gender mainstream natural and technical sciences.

Coordinator of the UNIGEM project at SSST, prof. Ph.D. Jasminka Hasić Telalović pointed out that they managed to involve committees and departments in the implementation of GAP at the level of the entire university so that the burden is not only on the Advisory Body but on all departments of the university.

The strategic areas of GAP of the UNIGEM project at universities are: institutional culture of gender equality, which is implemented and promoted in the processes and decision-making system through gender equality policies, increasing gender equality in support of scientific and artistic work, harmonization of the working environment, integration of the gender perspective in study programs through increased education in the field of gender equality, especially education about the consequences of violence against women as well as gender/sex-based violence as a whole.