Workshop on the implementation of GAP at the University of East Sarajevo (UES)

The monitoring of GAP implementation at the University of East Sarajevo (UES) showed the importance of the involvement of all services and bodies of the University. On Friday, December 16, 2022, a workshop was held with the Advisory Committee for Gender Equality led by the chairperson Sandra Ivanović, Ph.D.   

Although a number of teachers are sensitized and dedicated to updating curricula and change, there are still resistances and misunderstandings. The key resistances are socio-cultural and unwillingness to approach the application of GAP more seriously. Autonomy and freedom at the University are important and teachers must not get the impression that someone is forcing them to take additional education.

The education of the teaching staff mainly took place through informal programs and the recommendation of the Advisory Committee is that the additional education should be recommended and not imposed, so as not to cause additional resistance.  

It is encouraging that the Advisory Board believes that there are always ways and mechanisms to recruit teaching staff for this type of education and that it is possible to work more in partnership using the expertise of non-governmental organizations and other universities.