Workshop on the implementation of GAP at the University of Tuzla (UNTZ)

As important as it is to establish mechanisms and implement activities to combat gender-based violence, it is also important to monitor and evaluate achievements and obstacles in order to improve policies, approaches, and actions. At the University of Tuzla on December 15, 2022, a workshop was held with the Advisory Committee for Gender Equality led by the chairperson Ph.D. Jasmina Husanović.

The problems they detected are related to the overly ambitious monitoring plans that they revised and agreed with the deans of all organizational units to get involved in collecting information on the activities carried out and the education of the teaching staff. Although the Senate accepted the proposal on the education of teaching staff on gender equality, there is a fear that it will be understood only formally and that a number of teaching staff will avoid this obligation.

It was also pointed out that in addition to the legal framework and rules of the university, it is important to find other more subtle ways of drawing attention to the challenges of integrating gender equality, which can be done in different forms of artistic expression and as a kind of a shock to the university public through sudden actions and performances.