Invitation to researchers to submit data for the online research databaseof the University of Sarajevo

University and Gender Mainstreaming (UNIGEM) is a project that TPO Foundation from Sarajevo implements from 2021 to 2025, with the support of the Government of the United Kingdom, with the aim to prevent and fight against gender-based violence, discrimination and sexual harassment and to ensure integrity and quality in higher education. The project stands for the strategic […]

Education of teaching staff at the University of Zenica in the field of gender equality,held during June 2023 as part of the UNIGEM project

Education on gender equality, which took place during June 2023 at the University of Zenica as part of the UNIGEM project, included all eight faculties of this University: Faculty of Islam and Pedagogy, Faculty of Economy, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology, Polytechnics and Faculty of Law. Visit[…]

UNIGEM PROJECT MONITORING:Report on teaching staff training at partner universitiesin the course of 2022 and the 1st quarter of 2023

This overview of planned and implemented teaching staff trainings at partner universities was written on the basis of reports on the monitoring of activities from the Action Plans for Gender Equality of the partner universities within the UNIGEM project, and quarterly coordinator reports. The baseline research that was carried out at the beginning of the UNIGEM project[…]

“Unity Through Sport” Summer Camp Held

Summer volleyball camp MOVEMENT (Mountain volleyball, education and mentorship camp) – unification through sport was held in the period from 21st until 23rd of July at the EKO-FIS Vlašić site. After three days of intense sports socializing, games, education and conversation, the first summer volleyball camp in Vlašić for girls and boys attending volleyball clubs Travnik and[…]